Current Favorites In Skin Care. Day/Night Routine

As you may know, or may not know, I am a licensed professional in both Aesthetics & Cosmetology. I have been very passionate about the skincare industry at a very young age, mostly when I experienced puberty and had difficulty taking care of my skin & hair. But I’ll save my personal experience and struggles for another time. Today, it’s all about my routine and how well its been working for my particular skin type & conditions.

For years, I’ve been struggling with problematic skin which includes type 3 acne and sometimes type 4. But today, my skin is in its best condition, for 6 months now, since the birth of my daughter. About 3 years ago, I had consistent cystic acne that were painful to the touch. And in all my years I’ve tried every kind of acne medication and/or over the counter acne treatments which either never did much help or made the problem worse. This is where my obsession for makeup and Korean/Japanese Skincare began. I took the bold move of going into the skincare industry because there was nothing more I wanted to do than to help others who suffer from the same problems I had been struggling with for half my life. Some of the products above are only accessible to professionals. Clearly, I’ve been missing out this whole time. I always thought that only dermatologists had their hands on these products but I was way wrong. Yes, they have access to all the great skin stuff but so do Estheticians. The only difference is that I am not allowed to work within the Dermis Layer of the skin (unless it include mild-moderate peels) and I am not allowed to prescribe medication.

In the photo you will see a professional line called Image Skin Care. One of the best skincare lines I have tried thus far. And I have yet to try many others. My everyday morning routine includes the Image Stem Cell Facial Cleanser, Witch Hazel as a Toner (not pictured), Image Hyaluronic Acid, Klair’s Pure Vitamin C (from Soko Glam), B Natural Organics Elderberry Balancing Mist, Pure Jojoba Oil, & SPF 50 (VERY IMPORTANT)! My evening routine includes the same with an addition of Image Balancing Bio-Peptide Creme and Image Ageless Total Eye Lift Creme. This routine might seem like a bit much for the average person. But if you’re anything like me, you spend great deal of time investing in your skin especially when you see results! For me, it’s all about preventing premature aging, free radical damage, & healing my acne.

Be good to your skin; you’ll wear it everyday for the rest of your life.

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