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Astringent vs Toner: What’s the difference?

Ever wonder why they say to use Witch Hazel as a toner? Or what’s the difference between an Astringent and a Toner? How does one vary from the other? Is there really a difference? Depending on your skin type, Yes! There is a difference.

Familiar to many, an Astringent, known as Witch Hazel, has been used in skincare regimens for many years as an ancient beauty hack. This is because Astringents heal wounds and can reduce inflammation in the skin. The real meaning of an Astringent is – the contraction of skin tissue. When skin tissue is contracting it is stimulating blood flow.

Increased blood flow helps produce collagen; The reformation of collagen helps strengthen elasticity in the skin. But most of all, Astringents are used to constrict the pores and prevent bacterial growth that can lead to infection and/or breakouts. However, there are some downfalls to using Astringents like Witch Hazel.

Unlike Toners, Witch Hazel is potent in Alcohol which can be extremely drying to the skin while skin toners provide moisture and hydration. That’s why it should only be used on certain skin types and conditions.

For instance, people with Rosacea, sensitive skin, or Dry skin, can not and/or should not use Astringents. But people with Combination, Oily, Eczema, and Acne prone skin can benefit from the use of Astringents.

Some professionals will disagree with using an Astringent like Witch Hazel because they believe it can cause more harm to the skin. While, in some cases, it can cause an overproduction of oil leading to thicker layers of dead skin on the face; in other cases, it can also exfoliate dead skin cells; Again, only when used on certain skin types!!!

But if your still not satisfied with it, try settling for Toners. Most are Alcohol Free, can be used on all skin types, are also anti-inflammatory, and promote hydration & oxygen into the skin. It’s a better alternative but also more costly than Astringents.

Here are a couple of Toners I’ve used & Love:

Elemis – Apricot Toner

Care Zone Toner (A K-Beauty Product)

*PS. I use Witch Hazel in my daily routine both Morning & Night. I haven’t had any problems with it & I definitely think it has helped heal my hormonal acne. (I have Combination Skin).

Prevent debris from entering your pores. Use a Toner!

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