Changing up your Skincare Routine for Winter

I’ve been meaning to make a post about this since mid-November. Thankfully, it isn’t too late!

Do you find your skin isn’t improving throughout the year? Does it seem dryer in cold seasons than warm/hot seasons? That’s because it is! And it has plenty to do with your skincare routine.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to change up your skincare routine for the fall/winter seasons! Personally, I find that my skin is a lot nicer in the summer than in the winter. During the summer, I can wear my skin bare and not have to worry too much about breakouts because, not only am I using the proper skincare routine, I’m avoiding heavy makeup application and getting enough vitamin D into my skin while still protecting it from the Sun! However, during the winter I find my skin to be dull, pale, dry/chapped, tired and dehydrated. We lack Vitamin D in the winter because let’s face it, it’s too cold to be out unless you are working outdoors. But this doesn’t mean that it’s okay to avoid using SPF!!! Especially Construction Workers!!! No matter what season it is, you are still getting fried by the sun! Winter skincare should be more moisturizing than summer. That means adding heavy Cremes to your routine that don’t leave a greasy feeling but will soak into your skin. When you think Skincare you should always think of the word “Dewy”! Everyone wants Dewy looking skin because Dewy skin is glowing skin and glowing skin is healthy skin!

So what should a winter routine look like? Here’s mine:

  1. Add jojoba oil to your Foundation
  2. Use a water based makeup remover or oil based if you don’t suffer from acne and have dry skin.
  3. Double Cleanse all year around w/ a cream cleanser and then a foaming cleanser! Both are great for all skin types! For Dryer Skin Types: Try a Oil cleanser instead of a cream (not for acne prone skin).
  4. Exfoliate your body and face 2-3x week. Use spherical exfoliators on your face only to prevent micro-tearing.
  5. Spray on a hydrating Toner rather than wiping it across your face with a cotton pad.
  6. Use a hydrating eye Creme (at night) and massage around your eyes for about 30 seconds.
  7. Use a moisturizing Facial serum.
  8. Use Hyaluronic Acid which is a water binder for extra hydration! You will feel the difference with this favorite of mine!
  9. Use a hydrating heavy Creme every night before bed.
  10. Every morning and afternoon use a hydrating SPF that is at least 30+ and can be worn under makeup. (If your makeup contains SPF, use 15+ under instead.)

*My Favorite SPF is the Image Skincare Hydrating SPF 30+ & 50+!

*Remember to incorporate a sheet mask into your routine once a week. The benefits are amazing & will leave your skin so hydrated!

*For cracked/chapped lips: exfoliate once a week and apply jojoba oil! Finish it off with some moisturizing lip balm or treatment like my favorite from Image Skincare’s Ormedic line!

*And Finally, my absolute favorite product to add to my routine every night is my Bio-Peptide Creme also by Image SkinCare’s Ormedic line.

Let it Snow & Let your Skin Glow!

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